Underground Vol. II by Kirkby Design


Olympia Way
W14 8UX

Underground Vol. II by Kirkby Design

Collaborating with Transport for London (TfL) for a second time, London-based textile design studio Kirkby Design have created Underground Vol.II, a collection of upholstery velvets which recreate original moquette designs historically used across the TfL network from 1930s to present day. 

Continuing the success of Kirkby Design's first collaboration with Transport for London (TfL), Underground Vol.II features a carefully considered curation of seven archive designs from the London Transport Museum's archive.

Readapted as luxury upholstery velvets and playing with scale, texture and colour, the contemporary geometric collection, is presented in an entirely modern, trend driven palette.

With designs ranging from the 1930s to present day, Underground Vol.II taps into the rich design history of TfL and celebrates an iconic aspect of London's design identity.

Bringing the Underground overground, the collection will launch at 100% Design in a highly unique and experiential installation.