Space Gap


Olympia Way
W14 8UX

Space Gap

The cliché of London as a tale of two cities is well-worn, but London truly is a city of contradictions. Seemingly one of the most progressive and dynamic cities in the world, it is the richest part of the country, but also experiences some of the worst living conditions available, and with an unprecedented number of people on the brink of homelessness.

Space Gap is a pavilion and event programme exploring the disparity of space allocation in London. Set in front of Olympia, design and social issues from homelessness to ghost mansions are tackled through immersive installations, film screenings, performances, talks, debates and in the pavilion design itself.

A take on the ‘wealth gap’, The Space Gap can be understood as a gap in the distribution of space between one group and another within the city. The pavilion makes physical this disparity. An open forum space is set beneath a three dimensional ‘volume diagram’ that makes visible the shocking split in size and scale between the largest homes available, and the smallest spaces that people are forced to live in.

The pavilion will host a programme of events that will run over the course of the LDF. We aim to bring together people with first-hand experience of these issues and those with a responsibility to enact change. We are engaging with social workers within local authorities, their clients who are forced into overcrowded living conditions, artists and filmmakers investigating all of the above issues in a variety of different media and as well as charities working within the realm of homelessness and provision of housing, we are expanding the conversation to architects, designers, developers, policy makers and the wider public.