Moult by Kyohei & Miranda


Hammersmith Road
W14 8UX

Moult by Kyohei & Miranda

Facing Brexit, 2019 can be considered a year of transition. We will create a space which reflects a transition period into a new phase by creating a room as if space is going to shed.

It is chaotic

We cannot be the same

We are different

We cannot support others

We live for a day

EU still creates systems which rely on nations, nevertheless actors have changed from nations to people trough globalisation. The gap between nations has become the gap between people. People who are in need cannot help others in other nations. However, our studio still thinks it is crucial to respect difference and exist in harmony and it ought to be in different ways from globalisation required.

Reconsidering the importance of respecting each other and coexisting, we created the items; Respect-glassware, Empathy-modular sofa, and Ghost-chair.